Sell More with Effective Commissions for Your Staff

Fine Tuned Commissions based on Products and Categories

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How it Works

Connect to your POS System (Square)

We fully support Squareup POS. Using another POS? Contact us, we can connect any POS with an API.

CrewBonus is tightly integrated with the Square API to pull data like Categories, Products, Team and Sales to automatically calculate the commissions according to your rules. This way we extend the functionallity of Square with no overhead.

Set Commissions for Selected Categories/Products

Set fine tuned Commission rates for your Staff, for specific Categories or Products.

Sell More

Your Team is more motivated, because they take part in your growth.
You get PDFs for your Team with detailed how much commission they earned for specific products.


To really see the effect of motivated staff here is an example. Imagine a sales volume increase from 20,000$ to 30,000$ with 50% Product costs, 5,000$ Fixed costs and 3,000$ Staff costs.

If your staff is motivated they sell more and earn a 25% more income(1,000$ in this example) for themself. Then the business profits even more, because the fixed costs stay the same.


  • Unlimited Sales
  • Unlimited Payrolls
  • Set Minimum Sale Volume per Staff
  • Commission Rates per Category
  • Commission Rates per Product
3$ / staff / month
30 day free trial

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